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My Kids and Their Forts

And somehow, after all these years, they still get pretty put-out when I ask them to clean it up. :)

Fundraiser and Guest Post by Lisa Rector

I’m so excited to announce the upcoming release of my novel Master of Time (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys #3). 
The BIG NEWS is I am donating all of March's pre-order profits and the entire month of April’s royalties to Help Jill Overcome SMA! This includes all my novels on Amazon, Createspace, and Kindle. Book 3 officially releases on March 31st!

For online shoppers: Books one and two are currently available on Amazon. Order during April so the royalties go to the fundraiser. Book 3 is available for pre-order. Order now to get yours on March 31st and support Jill!
You might not be sold on paranormal romantic fantasy. But surely a young lady in your life is. This is a new adult paranormal romantic fantasy. New adult means the main characters are ages 18–25. In my case, the immortals in my novel act these ages.
Book 1 is Reader Rated (RR) 14+ for clean language, mild fantasy violence, on-page tender moments. Book 2 is RR-15+ for clean language, mild fantasy violence and torture, off pag…

Give Me All Your Money!

Or, just give me a shovel and I'll take care of that snow.

No banks were robbed in the making of this blog post.