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Noggin Problems

This post will not be accompanied by a picture, and if you were to watch youtube videos about pilar cyst removals, you would thank me for that.

I had a pilar cyst removed from my noggin today. Two, come to think of it, because the doc found another one in there whilst trying to remove the first.

Over 13 years ago, I hit my head and received a pilar cyst from said blow. About a month ago I hit my head again (yes, I'm that clumsy) and began to have residual numbing from said cyst. So out it came.

What was it like? Better than hernia repair surgery. It consisted of an incision on my scalp--the size of which I don't know because I can't actually see up there--and lots of squeezing and pressure because it didn't think it wanted to come out, followed by three quick sutures. The doctor ended up having to drain most of it before the cyst wall could be removed, during which she found the second, baby cyst. This is my fourth surgery totally awake because apparently I believe in …

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Check out this printing of Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem.

I received it a couple of months ago from my publisher who received it from the publisher that currently owns the English rights to this book. Apparently they made a paperback. I actually like this cover better than the original hardback cover.

Did you know? The first draft of the original cover had an apple in it? True story. I asked them to take it out because while apples are a big part of Katiyana's life, she doesn't ever eat a poisoned one. It just didn't fit.

Anyway, I like this cover much better than the original because it's a bit more benign. I think the Katiyana on the original cover looks a little too mature and possibly even seductive. I didn't think so when it first came out, but my husband and I have the cover of this book on our debit cards and have seen some interesting responses to it. One woman even asked me if I was okay that my husband had that picture on his card. Um, it's a boo…

A Poem For Daughters

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago to express my navigation through some transitional phases as a mother. Being a mom is the best, hardest, most challenging, most rewarding job ever.

For My Daughter:

Your tiny hand
Ceases to grip my thumb.
Your fingers
Stretch past my own,
And you stand taller,
Like a Distant Mountain.
I look up to see into your face,
And you say it is strange to put your arm around me,
Your short mother.

Like a helicopter, I hover.
And when you look to the sky,
You do not see me,
But oppression.
You crave freedom:
Pure, simple freedom.
This pilot retreats to a Mountain Lake,
Reflecting on how to change,
How to let you go.

I shed three tears, but not for sorrow--
(You will always be my Daughter).
One tear is for regret, that I ever treated you ill.
One tear is for you,
The eggshells on which you walk,
The ice you fear to break.
And one for me:
Mothering has been my all for fifteen years.
What am I to do now?

I walk down the Mountain Path,
Leaving the helicopter behind…

Giraffes, Stomach Viruses, Neverland, Oh My!

These pictures are from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore where my daughter and I went last Saturday to feed the giraffes. This is Jumi. Isn't she charming? And aren't you glad you don't have to get in this position to have a sip of water?
I was cruising on my Peter Pan book last week, but this week decided to demand my attention in other ways. One of my daughters caught a stomach bug so I've been doing a lot of looking after her, cleaning up, disinfecting, etc. I'm so glad I was able to just chill and take care of her. Neverland is a fun place to be. I've got a couple of chapters or so until the first draft is done, and I'm really enjoying how things are turning out.

Movie Review-Pan

I wanted to like this movie. Truly, I did. However, the best word I can come up with to describe it in a positive light is "interesting." Not like the, "Oh, that's interesting. I'd like to hear more about that," but the quavering "interesting" you muster through a gritted teeth smile when your kindergartner shows you their clay model that accidentally got sat on by the teacher and cracked in a million places upon being fired.

The top ten reasons I didn't like this movie (in no particular order):

10. The references to Jesus Christ were odd and insincere. Peter's mother's name is Mary and he is called the Messiah.

9. Peter is also called the chosen one and is questioning whether he is the fulfillment of a prophecy from long ago. Sound familiar? Yeah, I'm thinking of Harry Potter here.

8. Peter is part human and part some other species. Because of this, he's dyslexic and can read another language without ever having learned it. So…