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Lightning Bugs

Fireflies by Owl City
Check out this video because it's awesome. It even has a lemon lamp in it!

Inspiration comes unexpectedly. I've been writing again. I even have (hold your breath) some goals that if I complete, will leave me with three completed novels in six months. What am I working on? I'm back in Neverland. It's really fleshing out. While doing a bit of research on fireflies for this project, I came across this song that I haven't heard in a long time. It instantly became part of my playlist for this novel.


Insomnia (of sorts)
Planet Earth
Hugs from Bugs
"Please take me away from here"
Misty Eyes
Bizarre Dreams

Yes, all of those things mentioned in this song will also be found in my book about Peter. Seriously, I'm a little spooked that they have so much in common. I think every one of my books has had a companion song. If you're a writer, try to find a song that works with your no…