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Where Can I Get a Copy of Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

This is one of the most common questions I get: "Where can I get your books?"

I thought I'd answer that today in a top ten list for Sleeping Beauty and the Beast.
For die hard Melissa Lemon fans, book fanatics and the like. You can get a HARDCOPY of Sleeping Beauty and the Beast on Lulu.If you still love your books and have your own small library, you can get a PAPERBACK on amazon. For those of you who do not purchase books at all and are regular LIBRARY patrons (I totally get it, that's me) please call your local library and put in a patron request. This helps you. It helps me. It puts an awesome book in your local library. This is a win-win-win situation. Most libraries take patron requests by phone or online so give it a try.You could always steal it from somewhere, but I wouldn't know where and I don't actually recommend this because you could go to jail and I wouldn't want that to happen to you.Got a kindle? Need an E-BOOK? Here you go: Kindle Version

Three, Two, One, BLASTOFF!

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast launched this week. I'll be sharing some reviews over the next month. If you have the chance, check them out and follow these awesome book bloggers. Today, see what Lisa Swinton says about Sleeping Beauty and the Beast and check out her awesome books as well. :)

Lisa's Blog: Queen of Random

Just a Quote

I was reading through a notebook recently and came across the quote from the picture below. Not sure if I heard it or if it just came to me so sorry I don't know who to credit. :) I just think it's so true.

Kindle Fire Giveaway

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Birthday Cake

It turned out all right. :) My daughter loved it so that's what counts. She wanted a bakery cake, but when we went looking and saw how expensive they were, I told her I'd make it. After purchasing supplies and spending a couple of hours on it, I decided it would have been worth it to buy one. :) Lesson learned!

Today's Poetry

I just needed some words today.


Plagued by fear, I
Torture myself with
Shameful visions,
Dredging the muddy rivers of the past

Bad Reviews

Like the taste of sour pickles
I don't want to eat,
But sometimes
They're hiding on my burger,
Or I mistake them
For something else:
A cucumber.
I bite unexpectedly
Then spit it out,
Or I swallow it.
They taste so bad.
I may never get that bright, potent flavor
Out of my mouth.
I wish I'd never tasted a pickle.
But if I hadn't,
How would I know to stay away?

Movie Review: Tron

I hope this review helps someone. I'm a little behind on my movies. Like a couple of years.

My thoughts? Too far fetched for my taste. Virtual people in a virtual world wanting to take over the planet. Um, I'm a realist. This does not work for me. But I liked the main female character although I can't even remember her name so the impression was not lasting. I did very much appreciate how clean it was.

This movie is for: die hard old time Tron fans and people who can get over the impossibility of it all.

This from a girl who writes fiction.

There you go.

You're welcome.

Just an Embarrassing Post

After writing this post I am off to make a birthday cake for my daughter. This task is a little intimidating and I'll show you why in just two pictures. See below.

I pledge to do my best. I'm making the cake ahead and freezing it. I'm cutting off the rounded parts to avoid any lopsided tendencies. And I'm making my own frosting. And I'm not doing a castle!! Hopefully that cake decorating class I took a couple years ago will help. Too bad my cake decorating sisters live in a different state.