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Meet Lisa Swinton

Please welcome debut authorLisa Swinton here today. Her first book, Fallen Angel, was just released. Check it out if you like a good, clean romance. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end.

Hello. Thanks for being a guest on my blog today. Can I offer you a virtual cookie?

Chocolate Chip please!

Here you go. Pretend for a moment that your books are your children. Please introduce us. We’d like names, ages, quirks, birth story, any details you would like to share. The oldest is Fallen Angel. She was 5 years in the making. She's the Italian fairytale. Next up is Ring on Her Finger, coming this fall. She's part baby/part middle child. I interrupted writing The Make-Out Artist to bring her into the world courtesy of NaNoWriMo 2012. Ring on Her Finger only took 3 months to write. She has the shortest birth. Amen to that. The Make-Out Artist took a year to write, but only because I interrupted her process with summer vacation and Ring. She's the black sheep of the family.

Sounds lik…

Happy Birthday Brother!

I am so grateful I have a brother! My kids don't have any brothers, but lately, Spice has randomly been saying thinks like: "Uncle Jesse's long beard."

At least I have a brother so they have an uncle. Actually, they have lots of uncles, but you get the picture.

My brother is a little more than a year older than me. Sometimes growing up our dad called us twins because for a while we were the same height.

My brother and I had fun together. We would play catch, practice karate, and as we got older, he sort of became my chauffeur. Once when we were driving he commented how he needed a license plate cover that said, "Oh her, she's my sister." He was one of my best friends. We both played in the orchestra and got to go on tour together to Las Vegas and San Francisco. I loved having him there with me, even though we really didn't see each other that much. It was just comforting to know he was there.

My brother looked out for me. One time, when I was in the…

My Testimony of the Restored Gospel

First of all, I'd like to say that a testimony is different than a belief. It is a witness born from experience. This is a testimony, born from my experiences in life. I have tried and tested. In return, my faith has been tried and tested. I have persevered. These are things I know to be true.

I know that God lives. He is real. He hears and answers prayers. He loves His children. Everything--every commandment, every bit of scripture, every bit of beauty on this earth--He has given to them for their benefit because He loves them perfectly. He wants us to choose Him, to return to Him. Knowing we would fall short of this, He gave His Son as a perfect and infinite sacrifice to make this possible.

My testimony of the atonement comes from experience also. Applying this gift, whether because of sin, heartache or weakness, releases me from guilt, remorse, pain, and lifts me to do things I otherwise could not do on my own. Faith in Christ has brought real miracles into my life. I know Chri…