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Christmas 2013

I'm blogging because if I have to watch one more movie I might scream. Christmas break has been fabulous so far. I love it when my kids are home, especially when there is nothing on the schedule and stress is super low. I get to just enjoy them in their youthful splendor, and relish in the moments they want me to read to them or sing them to sleep with a Christmas carol, or do a puzzle or play a game. Unfortunately, all three of my girls are now sick so I've given the green light for them to just watch as much TV as they want. I've found it keeps their mind off of their illness without making them fatigued or causing them to overexert themselves, therefore ensuring a speedy recovery. Yes, I believe in some cases, TV saves lives. The problem? I can only cuddle for so long in front of the tube. It's chipmunk time on the screen and I needed a break, so here I am.

For Christmas this year, I thought I'd post about the good gifts of Christmas. More than ever, I've be…

Table for One

It felt like a good day to go to lunch by myself, and I've been craving pizza for a couple of days now. So after finishing Christmas shopping, running some mommy errands, and hiding said Christmas presents, I went to pizza hut. It felt a little strange waiting to be seated at a pizza place. Alone. But I decided I wasn't going to let myself feel awkward. I'm grateful for the little notebook that I carry in my purse. Because sitting there by myself with nothing to do would have been awkward no matter how hard I tried to forget about it. I've been thinking about my blog today. Trying to decide what I want the focus to be. Sometimes I read articles written by stupid people (Did I say that? Okay, I meant ignorant) and I get all heated and in a debating mood. I'm not going to do that here. A scripture came to mind, after I'd prayed for strength and help to overcome my anger. It was this one. Romans 12:19 "...avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrat…

Dabbling in Poetry

It's something I've done forever. For some reason, it allows me to express my feelings like nothing else can. And so once in a while, a poem is born in the pages of my journal or on an unsuspecting napkin from the glove compartment. Here are a couple from this year.


Roses are violet
Bluebells are singing
Sunshine is raining
And poppies are singing

The Door

A house.
A door.
And locked

Can get in.

Rain falls
Drops touch the door,
Plink off.

A drop
Here and There
Sinks in,
In small and

Rain beats hard,
Turns to pellets
Of Hell,
Pelting on the lock
     at last
It is loosed.

Who is there?
One I call

The door opens.
One final, flooding
A tear,
From inside its own Dwelling Place

Once hard
As hardened steel,
Now soft,

The door
Does not

The lock,
Some say taken
By a peddler.

The sun
Of yellow

And all who enter
The beau…


Do you ever find yourself reading the scriptures and it's like they're brand new again? That happened to me yesterday as I read these verses from the book of Moroni, chapter 7. I don't know exactly why these words stuck out to me so much. Maybe it's because of all the talk about ANGELS and CHRIST and now is the season we focus on those things more than ever. Perhaps it is because I LOVE the idea of angels being all around us, of them even showing themselves to us if we have enough faith. I wonder if I've ever seen one. I think if I saw an angel, he or she would be smiling, like the woman I passed walking down the sidewalk this week. It could be because of the amazing promise that if I ASK in faith, I will receive. But whatever the reason, I found myself pondering these words, reading them over and over, grateful for the Savior and all the good He brings to the world, believing with all my heart that angels do surround us, that they help us, that they inspire us to…

My Life is a Circus, But I am not the Clown

I've been dreaming about clowns, probably because I've seen a lot of red noses strapped to the front of cars lately. I've only been to the circus a few times--like I could count it on two fingers--but something about the phenomenon of circus performers fascinates me. As I watched young girls hula hoop with seemingly hundreds of hula hoops I wondered: how on earth did they come to be in the circus? Did they run away from home? Were they born into a circus family? Who would want to travel to a new city every few weeks to endlessly swirl their hips? I guess the circus life just isn't for me, and I'm not a big fan of the circus because it's so . . . odd.

And then there are the clowns, who dress in bright colors, paint their faces, smile profusely, trip on purpose, and wear cherry red noses. And the juggling! Who could forget the juggling? To me, the juggling is the important part, at least for the purpose of this post.

For a long time, I felt like a clown, like so…

Resurrection Day / OR / The Day My Blog Came Out of a Coma

It's been a long time. So long that every time I try to post something, I end up distracted on the internet, scrolling through the posts of my facebook friends or searching for a job on craigslist because--let's face it people--authors are underpaid.

But here I am, ready to bleed on this page, not sure if it will be more like a drip, drip, or a constant steady flow.

It has been a rough couple of years. Let me first say that I am not posting this because I want sympathy, because I absolutely don't. I'm not sending this out to whine; I've done plenty of that. This post is simply an act of putting the pulse back into my blog and explaining why it died in the first place, which is complicated and may take a while. Not that I feel the need to explain, but it sort of represents the direction I want this blog to go. If I am going to blog, it has to be my way.

First, let me tell you what I think of the word "professional," because I've been told this is impor…