Countdown to Launch!

I am so excited for the release of Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem! I hope lots of you will join me for the launch party where I will sign books, dance like a chicken and serve snowflake cookies (if I can find out where to get them).

To kickoff the countdown, I am giving away 2 copies to one lucky winner. One for you to keep and one for you to give away. The contest runs until the 14th. To enter, simply leave a comment sharing who you will give the extra copy to. For extra entries, tweet or post on facebook about the countdown during the next 2 weeks. Please include my twitter name (Melissa_Lemon) or facebook name (Melissa Lemon) so I can keep track of your entries.

Watch for character introductions and insights into Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem.


Hi Melissa! I will give the other copy to Suzie because she kind of reminds me of Snow White. Or maybe she reminds me more of the Queen of Mayhem.
S Hall said…
Me' me! I haven't gotten to read your books yet, but I'd share it with my bestie, kiana, because I'm guessing sharee already has it! :)
Farfegnugen said…
I would give the extra copy to the woman I LOVE!! Oh wait... She is the one who wrote the book!! Guess I better be disqualified. :) Love you Dear!! Good job on your second book.
Cathy said…
I would give the extra copy to my daughter, because I know she'll love your great fairy-tale!
cyn209 said…
i would give the extra copy to my cousin, Jennifer, who lives in MillCreek, WA.....

thank you for the giveaway!!!
I would give the extra copy to a fellow bookseller who loves fairy tales as much as I do because her nickname is also Kat, which makes it extra-special!
If I were to win I would give the extra copy to my daughter so we could read it at the same time. Instead of me having to wait for her to finish like what happened when we bought Cinder and Ella. ;)
SteveandWendy said…
If I win I would give it to my friend Chris who loves to read and she liked reading Cinder and Ella!
emfawcett said…
If I won, I would probably give the other copy to one of my friends, who also loves to read (especially twists on fairy tales)!
Kara said…
I would give it to my Daughter who wants to be a writer, she is writing a book right now, which started from a dream she had. I can never seem to get enough novels for her to read, i can't keep up with her!
I would give the other copy to a friend who is just as reading obsessed as I am :)

kissyjensen at gmail dot com
Kirsten! said…
I'd give it to my best friend, Sherise :)

Oh, fun contest idea!
I'd give the 2nd copy to ... Hmm ... okay, right now it's a tie. I might have to flip a coin (or let them duke it out): a dear friend who is slowly, slowly, slowly realizing the life-changing value of fairy tales OR a writing/reading buddy who is just as fairy tale obsessed as I am, haha :o)

Bluerose said…
I'd give the extra copy to my local library. They'd be thrilled. :)

bluerosesheart at yahoo dot com
Julie L. Casey said…
I'd be so thrilled to own a copy of this book. The other copy I'd give to my sons' homeschool book club for all the kids to read.
Alan Hall said…
I would give it to my MIL. We love reading!!! :)
Alan Hall said…
oh wait. I'm off! SORRY!!! :)

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