Drum Roll, Please

I'm so excited to share the fabulous cover of Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem with you.  Here is just a random fact about the making of this cover.  On the first version, an apple with a bite taken out of it was on the ground near Kat's head.  When asked to give my thoughts about the cover I said it was pretty awesome except for the apple.  Why?  There are no poisoned apples in this version.  There are apples, but no poisoned ones.  So here is the cover minus the apple.  Kat looks a little older and more experienced than she really is, and I'm not exactly sure when her ear was pierced (perhaps Jalb did it--I can see him doing something like that) but there she is.  I absolutely love the mirror, which plays a more important role in this story than in other versions.  In fact, the mirror tells the story, or at least, the man in the mirror does.  How on earth did I end up at Michael Jackson?  Oh well.  Enjoy! 


Lovely, can't wait to read it.
Great Cover! That was fast!
Emily R. King said…
Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!

Congrats, Melissa!!!!!!
Angie said…
Lovely! Congratulations.
Oh Melissa it's fabulous! I'm so excited!
Devon Ashley said…
Can't wait! Hopefully I'll remember to check back in time to join the tour! :)
tiensblurb said…

Congrats :)

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