Monday Musings--In Mourning

I often like to wander through the library and when I do, I'm one of those people who selects books based on two things: the title and the cover.  This book stood out among the other books in the section reserved for librarian recommendations.  I picked it up, even though I couldn't actually pronounce that name, intrigued by that picture of the ghost-like girl sitting on the antique red couch with a picture of a ferry above it.  Ghost story.  Not my usual fancy, but I decided to give it a try.  And now I'm mourning.  Because I loved living on Webb's Grand Manitou island in a grand house, even if that house was haunted by witchy child ghosts.  This story had pull.  It created plenty of questions to keep me reading and I never got bored.  I also liked Webb's descriptions--vivid, but not overboard.  All in all, I liked the story, especially because it's about ghosts but it hasn't given me any nightmares.  It was tastefully done.



Oakley said…
YES!! I do that all the time! Which one? well, if I only had the time... :) I think why is because 1. its a series and the next book is not out yet 2. because you loved living in that world and now you are forced to go back to reality and 3. because the book is so amazing that you wish that the book was like 200 pages longer because you want to know what happened after "happily ever after"!
Melissa Lemon said…
All reasons for me as well! It's just nice to get away sometimes, and if you love it enough, like a good vacation, it's hard to come back.

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