Things I Love Thursday

I love these babies.  I've loved Wheat Thins for as long as I can remember.  They're crispy, tasty, and you get sixteen in a serving which beats every other unhealthy cracker out there.  They're great dipped in cottage cheese, at least I think so.  And--yes, I'm revealing how obsessive compulsive I am here--I segregate the light ones from the slightly overcooked ones.  Why?  Because the darker they are, the better they taste.  I eat the light ones first and save the best for last.  Yum.  Do you think Nabisco would make me a special box of burnt Wheat Thins?



I like Wheat Thins too, only I thought we could eat 17--darn.
Ritz with cheese and pepperoni on top.
Melissa Lemon said…

It used to be 17! They totally lowered it to 16. Maybe they added a little extra something and had to lower the serving size. It is a bummer.
-Jo- said…
Right now I'm hooked on the multi-grain Wheat Thins. I love them...
Oakley said…
Oh my goodness! i could put a whole box away by myself in one sitting! and i totally pass the 16 limit! :) there is something about their salty-deliciousness that is so addicting!

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