Christmas Giveaway

I'm thinking it's time for a Christmas giveaway.  I will be giving away two copies of Cinder and Ella to one lucky winner--one for you and one to give away (or two for you or two to give away).  Here is what you have to do to enter:  Tell at least five people about the book OR call your local library and request it.  Leave a comment when you've finished.  Contest ends at midnight December 10th.


Brenda Demko said…
Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read this and share it with the kids! Talking about it was no hardship! I tweeted too!
cyn209 said…
this sounds like a great read!! think i'll read it first before passing it on to my little cousin!!! LOL!!!
shared giveaway on my FB wall!!!

thank you for the giveaway!!!

Hi Melissa - I FB'd it so that's 627 people I told. Whoot! =D
Diana said…
I did call the Provo Library and put in an official request for them to order Cinder & Ella!
Asked the Davis Co. Library and FBed it :)
I hope it helps!
Nina said…
Lol I found it from RaShelle's FB. & I too FB about the book & giveaway & tagged your FB page in it to boot as well. :P

~Christina Williams
I told my friends about it and posted the link on Facebook. Thank so much for the awesome giveaway!

Super excited to read this book.


kbrebes said…
Cool contest! I'm facebooking it, so that's a-lotta-lotta telling! : )
Thanks for the contest. I told way more than 5 people about it :)

chelle2006 @
D.F. Matthews32 said…
Totally tweeted it :D Great giveaway!!
Cathy Witbeck said…
Wonderful contest. I told my daughter who has oodles of University buddies to share a great book with. I will call the Whitmore library and get on their case to order the book too. Booyah.
Cathy Witbeck said…
Thought of another place to share. I put it on my I want to read this board on Pinterest!
Maria Hoagland said…
I've actually told a few people about it face to face, but I'm also putting it on FB now!! So that will be a lot more than the 5 requested. I so hope I win :)
AuntAlice said…
I just emailed a few of my reader friends about it. I also told them that if they decide to enter and one of them happens to win, they have to share with me. It sounds like a good read. :)
H Fox said…
I saw the cover of your book in a sea of books at the Orem, Ut costco, I was intreged by the picture. I pick it up and skimmed through it, it looks like a wounderful read. I showed my mother and hinted that I would like this book for Christmas.
Hopefully I win one or hope my mother got the hint.
Krystal Larson said…
Thank you for the awesome contest, I let my facebook friends know! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom I would love to review your book and give away a copy on my blog :)

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