NaNo Drama

Oh, November, why do you have to be so darn busy?  Last night I hit 5,000 words.  Forget that I'm dealing with major personal life drama and releasing a book.  It's pathetic.  To tell the truth, though, knowing how busy this month would be with signings and everything else, I made a silent goal:  Finish my current WIP by the end of the year.  Not November.  Maybe this won't be my year to be a NaNoWriMo winner.  But worse things have happened.  Far worse.  Literally. 

What things have kept you from your NaNo goals?


Nicole Zoltack said…
All that matters is that you write. Not how much. Lots of time life gets in the way. I hope things start looking up for you!
The last week plus has been crazy busy.
BUT I am reading and commenting on your blog I'm thinking that I should be writing instead.
Live and learn.
Sorry about you drama :(

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