Character Introduction: Meet Cassandra

I swore I'd never write a love triangle because, frankly, they stress me out. But within Cinder and Ella lurks a little known love involving Tanner and Cassandra. Cassandra's loyalty is evident in the beginning; her actions show her faithfulness and commitment to her master; she comes when she's called and fulfills her duties with an eagerness to match that of the brave knight Tanner. And he takes care of her. But when Ella comes into the picture, Tanner acts like an idiot and Cassandra sees that his affections have changed. He loves Ella, with a love he could never give Cassandra. And she resents him for it. She slackens in her duties. Her loyalties lessen. She becomes more interested in food than in her former love. Ella and Tanner are both abandoned at some point by Cassandra, and in their hour of greatest need. You can't blame her, though. Tanner was her biggest fan until he began falling (quite literally) for Ella. And don't be too hard on her. Cassandra is a horse.


Sharee said…
That is great. As I was reading I was thinking that there was no love triangle, but before the last line I remembered Cassandra was his horse. That's awesome. Can't wait for November!
Cindy said…
Ha ha, you caught me. I am excited to read your book!
Marci said…
When I read the first two sentences I was so confused because I recently read Cinder and Ella and could not remember any love triangle, but this is perfect! I LOVED your book, once I started it I did not put it down once. Very rarely do books do that to me!
-Jo- said…
Poor Cassandra.

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