Writer Wednesday--Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Do you ever have a hard time finding a name for a character or thinking of new words to describe elements of your fantasy world?  I remember an assignment in high school where we had to write "nonsense poems."  I guess if you remember an assignment from high school you either loved it or hated it.  This one I loved.  I still remember some of the words (like simmerbill) and could probably find the poem if I dug deep enough.  The point was to create some new, nonsense words and use them in a poem so they seemed like words everyone should know.  (Don't you know what a simmerbill is?)  Well, I have found a fountain of nonsense words.  Here are a few:  mistren, metive, plogies--which sounds to me like a type of troll--mingins, meringsl--so using that as a main character some day.  All of these "words" came from a word verification of some sort.  Have you noticed that most of the word verification "words" in blogger are pronounceable?  If I see one that I like, I jot it down.  Who knows, maybe I'll write a book someday where plogies and mingins are fighting to save the princess Meringsl, which would be strange because plogies and mingins are usually enemies.  They all live in the kingdom of Mistren...

What unlikely places have you found inspiration in?


ali said…
Ha! That is such a fun and funny way to find inspiration! I love it!
-Jo- said…
I've discovered the best names making typos. Especially in AutoCAD. I probably write down one or two a month. Triv is a good example. The command is trim, but my fingers got out of control.
Melissa Lemon said…
That's funny; I'll have to pay more attention to my typos instead of letting them annoy me.

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