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Maybe it's just me, but commenting in Google is difficult.  If it's just me, please advise on what I'm doing wrong.  (Take advantage, because I don't ASK to be advised very often.)  If it's not just me, please allow me to advise you on how to make commenting user friendly.  From your dashboard, click on Settings.  When you are there, click on Comments.  (Make sure it is the Comments under Settings, not next to.)  Once there, go down to Comment Form Placement.  Click inside the bubble next to Pop-up Window.  Don't forget to SAVE SETTINGS at the very bottom of the page.  Please don't forget to save!

I am only telling you this because I love reading your blog and I want to comment.  This blog post came after someone tweeted something and I went to said blog post and wanted nothing more than to leave a comment.  But, denied.  Denied and booted out of blogger.  Every time.  Do you see my frustration?  Please, pretty please change to a pop-up window and hear the angels sing.

Did you know that a rap exists about this topic?  Here it is.

What frustrates you about technology?


C.E. Hart said…
I like your pop up window. ;) lol :)
I noticed that, too. It was only letting me leave comments if the boxes popped up. This was when I used Internet Explorer. But...Firefox and Google Chrome let you leave comments the normal way. I don't know what Blogger's issue with IE is...

Firefox (is the slower of the two) and Chrome are the more secure browsers anyway..
Melissa Lemon said…
Ooh, thanks for the tip. Where are my step by step instructions to get Firefox or Google Chrome?

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