Memorial Day Weekend...

was swell. I had the privilege of going on a road trip with my fun cousin who taught me Spanish (apparently, all you have to do is add -ero to the end of every word) and introduced me to Pandora Radio. I learned that my kids can be pleasant even when on a 10-hour car ride.  Long-lost friends were visited and endless, gorgeous mountain canyons were travelled. I made a new friend--a bright-eyed 2-year old who repeats everything anyone says and who says his name with his tongue stuck out. Way too many M&Ms were inhaled and I had the first ever pleasant conversation about politics. I realized how much I miss living in the great state of Colorado. And the greatest thing about the weekend is how friendships can pick up right where they left off after years of little or no contact.

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?


Rob and Crys said…
Our weekend was not near so exciting as yours, we dug out and pulled down a portion of our fence that was threatening to fall into the neighbors horse coral. We did manage to get most of it cemented back in place. We also made a big jump and invested in a used camper trailer, no more tenting it !! Guess I am getting old, tents are no fun anymore. So it is the camper for me and the tent for the big kids!
Melissa Lemon said…
Everyone I've talked to worked, worked, worked all weekend. I'm glad I got away and relaxed. It was much needed.
Rob and Crys said…
Rob would rather have gotten away also, he needs it too. But my honey do list just keeps growing and growing.
Parmelee said… came to colorado?
Melissa Lemon said…
Yup, but we stayed in Castle Rock the whole time and I was carless, so, what can I say? At least I saw you in April. How goes the house?

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