Best Way to Start the Day

There is a charming park near my house with trails, ponds, and a shy beaver. With the coming of Spring, we are taking every chance to get over there and enjoy the views.
Yesterday it sprinkled on us a bit, which added to the experience and the pictures. It was my absolute favorite weather the day these were taken: mostly cloudy, cool temps, a smidgen of rain, and a calming breeze. I've been so stressed this semester that taking these little walks is literally saving my sanity. Nature is my anti-anxiety medication.
Photo credits go to my daughter, who is a natural when it comes to taking pictures.

Back Injuries are the Best

About a year ago I injured my back shoveling snow. After a couple of months of physical therapy, I could sit for longer than an hour. It's still not 100%, but I'm not complaining because I can do a THREE MINUTE PLANK without breaking a sweat. I figure I'll just keep doing the PT forever. It's all good. Oh, and my ankle feels almost amazing. I even started exercising for real again yesterday. Our bodies are meant to be strong and capable. It feels so good to walk again!!! I'm actually appreciating now the gradual healing of my ankle because every day I keep thinking about how grateful I am to be off crutches, not hobbling, and not in pain.

Escaping Neverland Pinterest Board

One of the things I love about writing is the experience of inspiration that comes when I'm listening to music. Check out the pinterest board for Escaping Neverland to see what songs helped inspire me during the process, or that simply remind me of Peter, Jane, and Neverland. There are also some great pictures of space, London, Bangkok, mermaids, and of course, pirates. Arrgh.

These Two!


Say Yes to Opposable Thumbs!

This was a fun little experiment my daughter did to test the usefulness of opposable thumbs.  Here she is folding laundry. We used masking tape to keep the thumbs immobile, but it was a bit painful to get off so I don't think I'd recommend it. Putting on the bottle lid was the hardest. Granted, this particular bottle has issues and it's difficult to perform this task even with thumbs. She concluded that thumbs aren't necessary for many tasks, but they are sure useful and she wouldn't want to do without them. I love being related to monkeys. I'm talking about other primates, not my kids, by the way.

#52 Stories Da Bomb Friendships

What have been the most important and valued friendships in your life?

I've already talked about some of them, but a few specific people come to mind. One of my best friends named Jill was instrumental in getting me to come out of my shell. For whatever reason, I just felt like I could be myself around her and I attribute a lot in my life to my friendship with her. A friend named Abby comes to mind because when my husband and I decided to move to Colorado, I was nervous and the only thing I prayed for for months before we moved was a friend. God provided in a big way. Again, I felt like I could be myself around her. I guess that's huge for me. Another meaningful friendship is with one of my sisters. Sharee and I have been pretty tight ever since I was seventeen and repented of my big sister meanness. She is a gem. My friends Amy and Misty have been huge lifesavers and continue to love and support me on a regular basis. When it comes to friends, I am blessed in big and miraculo…

#52 Stories Friend Qualities

What qualities in friends do you most admire?

I love being around people who make me laugh. I also value a really good listening ear, authenticity, presence, and loyalty. I think I'm a very loyal friend. I may not be in touch with a lot of my friends on a regular basis, but to me, those friendships are just as strong as ever when it comes to loyalty. Friendship, in my book, never dies.